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Villa in Turkey #82


Our Villa has a  very special concept designer by the architect on a pilot of: 370:Sqm and 450 Sqm door usage area/ Number Of Rooms:10+1:/ Number Of bathrooms and toilet:4, Two area paretens' bathroom:/

with sauna and gym there are jacuzzi  with sea view inside the house. Olympic pool because our site is very special and Consists of 13 villas. There are sauna and sports room, sea view and jacuzzi in the house, enjoy the cinema and bar.

Address: İstanbul European Side, European Part

If you are seriously interested for more information click here.
Email: commissionclub@gmail.com
Skype: byaslondon
Name: Terez Szalontai

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Terez Szalontai
skype: byaslondon