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Villa in Turkey #183


Address: Türkey,İstanbul, Beylikdüzü

Our Villa İs Build On An Open Area Of Approximately 350-400:Sqm Plot,
Full Sea View And Decoration Has Been Completed And The Design İs A Very Large Architect Planned Design Number, All Goods And Cleaning Palace Handcrafted, But Also All Of Them Designed İtalian Plan Abroad, But l Did Mot Waant To Wear The Villa And  l Cancelex.
Our Villa:280 Sqm Heating Work Natural Gas. Use Area, Number Of Rooms:4/ Number Of Living Room:1/Number Of Kitchen:1/ Number Of Toilets:2/Our Price İs Furneshed.

Ref:(183) Number Of Portfölio:(183)

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Terez Szalontai
skype: byaslondon