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Villa in Turkey #178


Villa for sale in Turkey/Istanbul Silivri Büyükçekmece
Our Villa With Private Pool, In a Very importand area due to the request by the architect on the request of the project
Build On 1000 Sqm Land
Number of rooms: 5
Number of living room: 1
Number of kitchen: 1
Number of floors: 3
Number of bathrooms and toilet: 3
Our Sales Are More Than Furniture.
Address: Turkey Istanbul Büyükçekmece European Side
Price For Sale: 2,000,000 TL-LİRA (TRY) Turkish Lira
350,000 USD (US Dollar)

If you are seriously interested in this villa contact me via email: commissionclub@gmail.com
skype: byaslondon
whatsapp: +36 20 352 3573
Name: Terez Szalontai

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Terez Szalontai
skype: byaslondon