Villa in Turkey #181

október 09, 2019


Having a building registration certificate, has a closed area Of 1210:Sqm İn a 2003:Sqm Private Garden. A type, which is the largest Villa type in the acarkent, All imported luminaires, ceramics, plumbing and construction materials, rooting, including architectural design, All mechanical, and electronic infrastructure has been renewed - The facade is covered with titanium zinc, compact laminate and ceramics from Spain, Using the KNX Automation system, the entire  house can be controlled  with Voice commands in İOS  Sırı, All common areas including welt areas are equipped with professional sound system, accompanied by sound engineers, enriched with karaoke and projection services,esch room,audio, Video,  Video and data cabling.Military radar and high- altitude security systems imported from the United States have ben secure by.

Address: Turkey İstanbul European Side:

System Room and Mechanical Rooms are Located Separately, Floor Heaing and Central air Conditioning System, Fireplaces That Can Be Moved And Cooler, Which Can Be Burner  On Request; Clear, Port Room, Pet Washing Area, Dressing Rooms And  Storage Areas For All İndividuals, Face Recognition System and  Safe Room in Between. Turkish Bath, Steam Room(Finnis Bath) Sauna, Salt, Room, Sport Room, Mini Golf Course and Ecipment, Wine  Rack. Our Villa, Which is Unique With İts Transparent Lift Covared  with Laminated Glass, Has Direct Owner,

Our Villa is Designed By Private Architects in Land Of 2003 Sqm l would Like To write a Short Here, The Villa Has 1210 Sqm Indoor Usage Areas, Numbers Of Rooms:6/ Number Of Living Room:3/ Building age: 1/ Number Of Floors:4/ Floor Heating/ Number Of Bathrooms Over:6/

If you are seriously interested for more information click here
or: skype: byaslondon 
Name of contact: Terez Szalontai
+ 36 20 352 3573 (Whatsapp)

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