#191 Villa in Turkey, Antalya

november 04, 2019

The villa was designed with a special project for us, but for some special reasons we decided to put it on sale with a family decision.

Our villa is built on a land of 2109 m2
Total land share is 2109 m2 and 900 m2
Gross building 700 m2 Net
Building age: 5 year
Number of rooms: 9
Number of kitchens: 2
Number of living rooms: 1
3 bedrooms with en-suite bathroom
There is also General WC
There are 8 terraces
A basement  is available with a closed bedroom.

PRICE: 3,800,000 TL
Address: Turkey, Antalya DÜŞEME ALTI

Contact:Name: Terez Szalontai

Email: commissionclub@gmail.com
Skype: byaslondon
Whatsapp, BOTIM, ToTok upon request.
(these are our contact)

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